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Clear Writing Training Programs and Dun & Bradstreet Evaluations

VanWrite’s Clear Writing Training programs are backed by 19 years of “field experience” and fine tuning. On a 5-point scale, program participant evaluations average an outstanding 4.83 for Overall Satisfaction, Instructional Quality, and Content. During August 2009, Dun & Bradstreet conducted a Past Performance Evaluation™ of VanWrite’s 20 largest customers for Service, Instructional Quality and Value. D&B scored VanWrite’s overall performance a near perfect 99 out of 100, easily placing VanWrite among the top suppliers in SIC code 8742–Management Consulting Services.

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Dun & Bradstreet


Based on the most recent 2,000 program evaluations, 96% of VanWrite’s participants rated VanWrite a perfect 5 for program excellence, immediate application, and high value. D&B independently surveyed VanWrite’s 20 largest customers about service, instructional quality, and value. VanWrite rated excellent in all areas. D&B scored VanWrite an exceptional 99 out of 100 possible points.

Client and participant evaluations, testimonials, and 90% repeat-client base attest to VanWrite’s high program quality and service standards on writing, the topic everybody loves to hate!

Recent Participants Of The VanWrite Clear Writing
Training Programs

U.S. Bureau Of Reclamation, Mid-Pacific Region

USBR Mission: manage, develop, and protect water and related resources in an environmentally and economically sound manner in the interest of the American public.

USBR subscribes to VanWrite’s Clear Writing Training programs to help their staff work well as a team and to write quickly and concisely as they respond to water emergencies. Because some of their staff are scientists and engineers with advanced degrees, the tendency is to write long sentences that can confuse the reader. VanWrite’s Sentence Aerobics® writing software easily coaches these writers to communicate in much shorter, more concise sentences. VanWrite provides fantastic writing tools that enable groups to think and plan very efficiently and thoroughly; then the plans can become spoken presentations, or written documentation.

California Public Employees Retirement System

CalPERS Mission: advance the financial and health security for all who participate in the System. We will fulfill this mission by creating and maintaining an environment that produces responsiveness to all those we serve.

CalPERS hosts several VanWrite Writing Training programs annually because they see a positive difference in employee performance when staff use VanWrite’s writing tools and techniques. CalPERS employees communicate with their stakeholders daily, either by phone, email, or letters. Staff need to respond to the stakeholder’s questions simply and briefly to increase or maintain their confidence in the system; of course, everybody is nervous about their retirement funds right now. Secondly, CalPERS employees constantly communicate with employers regarding retirement plans; again, this requires thoughtful presentations and absolute accuracy. Finally, CalPERS Investment Office staff make decisions that impact the lives of thousands of people statewide and beyond. Clear communication is mandatory.

California Department Of General Services

DGS MISSION: help other agencies better serve the public by meeting –at best value– their needs for products, services and office space.

Will Bush, Director of Department Of General Services (DGS), adopted VanWrite as the enterprise-wide writing standard for any employee who responds to email. He chose VanWrite because of our entertaining and effective seminars, coupled with our unique product suite that protects the training investment every time an employee writes. We presented seminars to groups of 200 employees at a time; the enthusiasm and synergy changed the writing culture at DGS quickly and forever. At DGS, “VanWrite” is now a verb – “I need to VanWrite this,” a noun – “What a great VanWrite!” and an adjective – “This VanWritten report is so concise and easy to read.” If a leader is serious about change, the leader has to provide the opportunity for the change to permeate the organization. Well Bush is that type of leader.

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Rose Hargrove, Training Coordinator
"The approach took a difficult and boring subject and made it fun!"
Tina Bayles, Manager
"Succinct, immediate value, content appropriate, and highly applicable. I expect the material presented in this class to save me 5 hours per week."
Mary Osa-Brazil, Auditor
"This course simplifies the writing process without losing your point.. It demonstrates clear and concise thinking and writing."
Lorne Landry, Analyst
"The colors make the system easy to understand."
Stacey Matamoros
"This program differs from other programs because it’s way-more applicable and easy to use everyday."
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