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What is this?

Linda Vanderwold invented a clear writing system that you and your staff can learn quickly and easily. This powerful system saves everyone time by making the endless rewrite cycle obsolete. This simple system refines a business skill that busts “writers block”, and targets writing that causes readers to struggle. With the VanWrite Clear Writing system, good writers become better writers, and challenged writers become confident writers.

Who is this for?

The Internet made everyone a writer. VanWrite benefits people at every organizational level – executives, managers, supervisors, office workers, and technical workers. People in small and large businesses, and government organizations rave about the system. The clear writing system is effective for all writers including technical and non-terchnical writers, engineers, lawyers, medical, and auditors to mention a few.

Learning Objectives

When participants grasp VanWrite,  they:

  • communicate much more concisely, which saves time and frustration between employees and their leaders discussing re-writes;
  • prepare shorter, more powerful documents that help readers easily Obtain, Retain, and Access the writer’s message;
  • increase efficiency because immediately they recognize strong and weak sentence elements.

VanWrite Clear Writing Course Curriculum

Linda Vanderwold shows participants how to expedite the editing process. She divided the VanWrite Clear Writing System into two distinct parts. High Impact Thinking shows participants how to quickly plan and receive approval for any writing assignment’s content before writing the first sentence. Using color, Sentence Aerobics targets the pulse points of any sentence and converts writing flab to writing muscle. Sentence Aerobics focuses on those sentence elements that increase Reader Comfort so the reader Obtains, Retains, and Accesses the writer’s message easily. Sentence Aerobics Coach software automates Sentence Aerobics.

  High Impact Thinking

This smart hands-on segment teaches busy, stressed people how to bust the re-write cycle, the single most expensive office nightmare. VanWrite truly shows business people how to plan an entire project before writing a single sentence. The rewrite cycle proves that it is never wise to think in complete sentences! Visual thinking allows staff to work quickly and clearly; this is especially important as employers struggle with reduced staff and increased workloads. This session shows leaders and staff new ways to grasp, develop, and share ideas quickly, skills that promote employee understanding, retention, and motivation.

  Sentence Aerobics®

This hands-on writing program shows participants how to expedite the editing process. Using color, Sentence Aerobics targets the pulse points of any sentence and converts writing flab to muscle. It focuses on those sentence elements that increase Reader Comfort so the reader obtains, retains, and accesses the writer’s message easily. Based on objective rules described in Linda Vanderwold’s book, Sentence Aerobics, Your GPS for Clear Business Writing, this session shows you how to make objective revisions that improve the reader’s understanding. Sentence Aerobics is about clarity, not grammar and style sheets.

  Sentence Aerobics® Coach Software

This writing software reinforces the Sentence Aerobics training every time writers write. The writing software visually identifies writing strength and weakness, and provides coaching advice according to the VanWrite Clear Writing System. In addition, the writing software produces statistics that measure writing clarity.

Curriculum Supports Different Needs

 Individuals (VIP Program) 

You receive exclusive online access to the VanWrite VIP website with your own private login. The site includes online access to the VanWrite Sentence Aerobics Coach software and the engaging VanWrite Clear Writing System videos with downloadable support materials including a PDF version the Sentence Aerobics,  Your GPS for Clear Business Writing. (more)

Groups (On-site Program)

Linda comes to your site and presents the VanWrite Clear Writing System in two or three meetings that total 12 hours. Each participant receives a VanWrite tool box that includes Linda’s hardcover book  Sentence Aerobics, Your GPS For Clear Business Writing. Participants also receive a VanWrite Sentence Aerobics Coach software license. Group sizes range from 30 to 200 or more. This is the best and fastest route to improve the writing culture of your entire team. (more)


Sentence Aerobics, Your GPS For Clear Business Writing describes the VanWrite Clear Writing System. This 160-page book is hardcover and printed in color. (more)


The VanWrite Sentence Aerobics Coach software implements the VanWrite Clear Writing System. The software targets the strengths and weaknesses in any document. It also provides coaching advice to improve clarity. The Individual and Group formats include this software. (more)

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Rose Hargrove, Training Coordinator
"The approach took a difficult and boring subject and made it fun!"
Tina Bayles, Manager
"Succinct, immediate value, content appropriate, and highly applicable. I expect the material presented in this class to save me 5 hours per week."
Mary Osa-Brazil, Auditor
"This course simplifies the writing process without losing your point.. It demonstrates clear and concise thinking and writing."
Lorne Landry, Analyst
"The colors make the system easy to understand."
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"This program differs from other programs because it’s way-more applicable and easy to use everyday."
sentence aerobics
Sentence Aerobics
YOUR GPS for Clear Business Writing

Sentence Aerobics is your Master Key for the VanWrite Clear Writing System! This colorful guide helps you implement Sentence Aerobics® quickly, and provides easy directions to, and examples of clear writing. With this book, you will never get lost again as you edit, guaranteed!
VanWrite shows challenged writers how to become confident writers.
VanWrite shows good writers how to become better writers.