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What Our Customers Are Saying About VanWrite

“America’s #1 Business Writing Training Program”

Below are just a few of the reason why clients love the business writing training program at VanWrite!

I thoroughly enjoyed your writing course and couldn’t believe how amazing it was. I can’t wait to apply the writing concepts to my work and personal life.

best writing training programs for businesses

Hgan Tran

The class not only saves us time, and money. Linda Vanderwold’s class helps us with the way we write. Her method avoids re-writes and helps manage time better. The second step called “Sentence Aerobics” uses software to expedite editing process. The training teaches us to:

  • Conduct fewer and shorter meetings because we communicate much more concisely.
  • prepare shorter, more powerful documents that help readers obtain, retain, and access the writer’s message easily;
  • Increase editing efficiency because we immediately recognize strong and weak sentence elements. All office writers become strong editors of their own and each other’s work based on the objective VanWrite editing guidelines; simultaneously, all writers maintain their own style!

If we are able to improve our efficiency even by 10% our $14K investment saves us $48K/year.

best writing programs for businesses

Sonia Edwards

VanWrite was the best class I have ever taken.

best business writing programs

Korene Woodward

I should comment that I used VanWrite when editing my third book. The writing is crisper than what I put in my second book. My Editor went out of her way to mention the crispness. Thank you for creating a wonderful tool.

best writing program for employees

Mark Anthony Germanos

Linda, you changed my reading writing skills. Thank you so much!

writing programs for businesses

J. Fandinola, IT

I found the emphasis on reader’s comfort most useful. Now I know what to strive for when writing.

business writing programs

Ted Mahoney

This class is unconventional! The class showed me how to restructure sentences to make them convey ideas/thought more clearly.

business writing training

Steve Peceli, IT

This program differs from other programs because it’s practical and easily implemented at work. I suspect this training will save me 8hr/week.

business writing classes

Glenn Rowe, Teacher/Trainer

Sentence Aerobics helped me better understand how to write. It actually encourages thinking about writing.

best business writing classes

Trevor Reis, Technician

This program differs from other programs because it’s way-more applicable and easy to use everyday.

best business writing class

Stacey Matamoros

This program gave me a completely new thinking and writing method. Very helpful.

best writing class

Yizhen Liu, IT

The colors make the system easy to understand.

best writing class for employees

Lorne Landry, Analyst

Sentence Aerobics will improve the readability of my documents.

writing classes for employees

David Salyer

The approach took a difficult and boring subject and made it fun!

best writing course for businesses

Rose Hargrove, Training Coordinator

This course simplifies the writing process without losing your point. It demonstrates clear and concise thinking and writing.

business writing course

Mary Osa-Brazil, Auditor

Succinct, immediate value, content appropriate, and highly applicable. I expect the material presented in this class to save me 5 hours per week.

writing course for employees

Tina Bayles, Manager

This program highlighted active voice. Our unit battles with auditors editing reports. This training is very helpful. I will definitely refer our auditors and analysts to this training.

writing course for employees

Rita Lowe, Supervisor

This course teaches you to be direct and to the point; say what you mean; tell people what you want them to do.

employee writing couse

Joe Graham, IT

This program teaches you to look for patterns vs grammar rules. It’s something concrete.

employee writing training course

Peggy Oakden, Supervisor

This program presents real life applications, and it can be used immediately. Sentence Aerobics is something I can, and will use, the rest of my life.

writing training courses

Samantha Patrick, Office Worker

Linda is an excellent speaker, and she used humor to keep me engaged.

better business writing

Anna Thornhill, Manager

This program was unique and different because it was very clear and to the point.

better business writing course

John Chimien???, Administrative Assistant

Fresh, new way of thinking; the entire class provided valuable knowledge to help me become a more effective business writer. I reduced my word volume and number of rewrites.

better business writing program

G. Jay Madsoen, Manager

Directly applies to the everyday challenges on the job.

writing class for government agencies

Ramon F. Machado, Manager

The impact from the content taught will be implemented. Immediately.

writing programs for corporations

Jon Ritter, Manager

I found the thought process for sentence construction most useful. I think the software will be a big time saver on the job. This program focuses on business writing that is simple and to the point.

corporation writing programs

Jennifer Uyeda, IT Manager

This class places the emphasis on results from the writing.

better business writing programs

Daniel Ladffeon, IT Manager

Conservatively, this program will save me 20 hours per week.

better business writing courses

Casar Ramirez, Manager

Sentence Aerobics enhanced my writing skills and taught me how to write clearly and concisely.

better business writing classes

Gina Zayas, Executiove

This class taught me how to convey my message concisely. It shifts away from traditional teaching.

better business writing class

Francoise LE, Manager

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Read What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Business Writing Program
Rose Hargrove, Training Coordinator
"The approach took a difficult and boring subject and made it fun!"
Tina Bayles, Manager
"Succinct, immediate value, content appropriate, and highly applicable. I expect the material presented in this class to save me 5 hours per week."
Mary Osa-Brazil, Auditor
"This course simplifies the writing process without losing your point.. It demonstrates clear and concise thinking and writing."
Lorne Landry, Analyst
"The colors make the system easy to understand."
Stacey Matamoros
"This program differs from other programs because it’s way-more applicable and easy to use everyday."
sentence aerobics
Sentence Aerobics
YOUR GPS for Clear Business Writing

Sentence Aerobics is your Master Key for the VanWrite Clear Writing System! This colorful guide helps you implement Sentence Aerobics® quickly, and provides easy directions to, and examples of clear writing. With this book, you will never get lost again as you edit, guaranteed!
VanWrite shows challenged writers how to become confident writers.
VanWrite shows good writers how to become better writers.